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(yes, waiting for marks…but that doesn’t count)

Leaving Australia in about 5 days…how quickly it all ends.


Law Student Legalease

FYI, law students = biggest bullshitters around (you can exclude me out of that wayward equation though :D)


(1)  “I have an interview with a HUGE firm. They called me like the next day after I sent my resume and I don’t even really want the job”

Translation: I have never heard of this firm until I Googled them, but they were the 10th hit down the page. They’re located about 3 blocks from an actual intersection that I’ve only just heard of. I don’t even know what type of law they practice.

Reply: That’s AWESOME! Good for you! I’m glad you got that opportunity, sounds…AWESOME. Good luck!

– Transalation: “huge firm” eh? What, are they next to a Starbucks AND a Second Cup?  Sure, why would you want the job, after all the economy these days is booming, people are literally knocking on your door to have you come take the surplus of opportunities that are out there. Nope, no need, reject that huge firm and tell them to go stick it in a Tim Hortons.

(2) “I’m writing a 10,000 word paper on “Chinese walls and corporate malfeasance” on my own time, in between my other classes and work. I’m getting it published in the next Law Review. A professor at Northwestern told me he’ll submit it to their law review and maybe even a journal or two”

Translation: All my friends graduated and left semester and my course load is easier than downing 5 cups of coffee in an hour so I have too much time on my hands and want to have people ask me why I’m always in the library surrounded by books and journals. I got the contact for the professor at Northwestern from the university website. I really just got a one-liner reply from him (which was possibly an automated reply…).

(3) “I’m enjoying it here so much that I thought I’d stay a couple extra semesters and take more electives and really find out what I want to get into in the future”

Translation: I failed too many classes because I was either: (a) drunk most of the past few semesters and failed, (b) on the beach most of the semesters and failed, (c) drunk on the beach, (d) walked into the wrong exam at the end of the last semester and had no excuse, so failed.

(4) “Oh yeah, those notes, I have them, sure…. um…ahhhhhh! Damnit, I just realized they’re on my hard drive at home. Damn! Can I email them to you? Sure, I know you need them asap so I’ll do it right when I get home”

Translation: I do not want to give you my notes. They’re not on my hard drive, I’m looking at them right now. You lazy, beach-going, drunk, stupid leecher. I’ve “lost” your email and will hide from you the rest of the next couple weeks before exams.

Reply: Cool, thanks a lot!

Translation: SWEEEEEEEETTTT, I am so set for this exam. I’m going to the beach.

(5) “That course? Yeah…it’s good. Yeah, pretty good. The prof is great. How did I do in it? Well, he doesn’t mark that easily, the question for the paper was sort of unfair – meant for Master’s students really. He’s a good prof though. Really. But…maybe you want to wait until next semester until someone else is teaching it though. But really, great prof”


Worries as of Tues, Feb 24th.

Being brown, I’m not spared from the idea that I ought to root for “Slumdog Millionaire” to win at the Oscars.  But, it’s just one of those movies you can’t help but love. It’s the underdog – no glitzy promos, no over-paid or unnecessarily famous actors (Anil Kapoor doesn’t count – the man’s a legend, ha) and it’s just outside the run of the mill rags-to-riches type of story. Who doesn’t love the underdog? People who like to kick puppies, that’s who.  So, I loved it the movie as did pretty much everyone else I’ve talked to about it. But above all, I’ve grown an indecent love for the soundtrack. You have to. Really. I mean AR Rahman being a favourite composer of mine or not, every track is perfect.

And that’s that. They picked up 8 Oscars (Best Picture, Director, Soundtrack, Original Song…I lost track after that).


What’s your opinion on protests? Do they work? What’s the point? I remember in my first year of university there was going to be a protest…about something (can you sense my deep involvement?) and I was being harassed by an overzealous classmate that I had to attend. I mean, did I support the evil puppy-kickers of the world (that analogy is stuck with me now, deal with it)? Of course I didn’t! So, thus, verily, in conclusion, I must attend the protest.

Dude, it was November. In Canada. It is cold. And possibly I was a little more pessimistic than I needed to be at that age and time, but I just didn’t see the point. A group of people with signs wasn’t going change anything. John Mayer said it – “Is there anyone who remembers changing their mind from the paint on a sign?”.   Governments would continue to do what they want, where they want. It wouldn’t stop a war no matter how pointless, it wouldn’t decrease tuition fees or freeze it forever  nor would it stop people from wearing Crocs.

Or would it? Maybe a protest is more an outlet for people. A way to show what they believe in regardless of how the outcome will be. Sure, it may not give the outcome that you want, but I guess that chance to show your beliefs and passions doesn’t come around often. Yep, protests and and free ice cream day at Baskin Robbins – only places where you can show how radical a believer you are.


I would like to show more pictures of my place and the surrounding area, but my butterfingers dropped my camera a couple months ago while taking pictures and now it makes a heartbreaking noise while struggling to turn on, but I haven’t had the time to get it fixed. I’m worried I’ll have to live off of bread crumbs for a month in order to buy a new one if it can’t get fixed.


Other worries…

My 9 10-year old sister asked me what an “emo” is.  Her friend Jessica tells her that “it’s someone who cuts their wrists and pops their veins just because they want to, but they don’t die”.

I thought I had at least a couple more years before I’d have to deal with questions like this. Shouldn’t she still be playing with Barbies and dreaming of rainbows and cookies!?!

Somehow I explained what it was and she believed me…I think.

Screw it, she’s being homeschooled once I get home.


It’s “week 6” in our term. Meaning 6 more weeks until end of classes + 2 week exam period. OMG.


I’m strangley addicted to the Twilight series of books. No, I didn’t turn into a junior high student overnight and really the writing isn’t that amazing and the story gets predictable – so why have I spent all this money on 3 books so far…!? Because the guy at the bookstore around the corner is really cute…but now thinks I have the literary sense of a 2-year old. Damn.

Fun in the Sun

So my blog updates are as rare as…I don’t know, they’re rare. Last semester of law school people, I’m lucky I’m able still able to make coherent sentences when I talk to people, let alone write them all smart-like.

As it is my last semester here in Australia, I figured that now is the time to live it up, or as close to that concept as possible. I just moved to an amazingly amazing beachfront apartment with….wait for it… VDG (no it’s not a disease, see here and/or here for references). Shocked? So was I. But she’s grown on me…sort of like moss, slow and slightly irritating, but harmless and adds colour. The new place is right near the centre of a busy tourist area as well so there are plenty of shops and restaurants to wander around (and spend money I don’t reeeallly have, in).

I’ve been here 2 weeks and I heart it ever so much.  To the point that the idea of staying another semester to do a LLM creeped into my head.  But then I opened up my MSN Messenger and read an offline message my 10-year old sister left for me which ended off with “I love you soooo much more than you’ll ever know. 3 months is just too long to see you!“. And then my heart crumbled…then and melted at the same time, odd. Either way, I snapped back to reality and rechecked my confirmed ticket home for May 1, 2009 (ironical as that was the exact day that I landed here in Australia – didn’t plan it that way though).

Living with a roommate is a first though, and I thought I did everything I could have to make sure I was being good. I clean up everything right away, don’t make noise, give her space when she’s on the phone. But apparently I’ve managed to do something within a week that has ticked off VDG a little. And when asked, she won’t tell me –

Me: you’ve been kinda quiet last couple days, is it something I’ve done?

VDG: I don’t want to hurt our friendship over little things.

Me: But if it’s bothering you, I’d like to know so I don’t do it anymore, I mean we’re living there for the next 3 months.

VDG: I don’t want to change you just because we’re living together for 3 months. It’s something you should realize it on your own.


I know, I know.

But, seriously though, WTF?

I’ve racked my brains for hours trying to figure it out, but aside from breathing in the same airspace, I have no idea. Any suggestion welcome.

Aside from that, what’s new? Hmm…I went home for the holidays. It was a good trip overall (much colder than ever). Met with friends, had the usual spat with mom (“You’re not married.” “why aren’t you married”  “you should join a gym for the month you’re here”  “are you married yet?”) but being the last ‘trip’ home I realized there’s no more escape from that.  *sigh* what to do?

New Year’s resolution to post-more-frequently-to-blog is in effect (as you can see)! As is the water thing. And don’t write me off as a person who should be on your block list, but I’ve grow a strange affinity to Japanese red bean buns.

Oooh which brings to mind – I’m thinking, like really thinking about going to Japan in May before I go home O_O. Crazy? Seeing as I how I’m financially…stiff… it’s still in the daydream stage of planning. But it’s a trip I’ve wanted to do for a long time (i.e. prior to the red bean bun fascination…but seriously, they’re good). Only thing is I don’t want to do it alone, although I know I could. So what to do there?

Sorry for being a terrible blogger friend…I sporadically read updates, but new internet at new apartment is irritating so I’ve had to became a pauper at saving bandwith wherever I can so I can use Vonage to call home.

I’ll post pics of the new place soon, but here’s one to start off…the view from my balcony:


I do not like my thumb.

And I’ll tell you why.

Whenever I write exams I tend to grip my pen like it is a life preserver and I’m in the middle of the Pacific Ocear (in some ways that is metaphorically true).

Halfway through the exam my thumb starts to go numb. Then follow the rest of my hand and arm.

If my thumb is numb, I can’t write quickly.

If I can’t write quickly, I can’t spew out all the knowledge on Trust law on to my paper.

If I can’t do that, I can’t answer the question.

If I can’t answer the question, the professor won’t know that I know what I know.

If the prof doesn’t know I know what I know the he can’t give me marks.

If he can’t give me marks, I can’t pass my exam.

If I can’t pass my exam I will have to hurt someone.

If I hurt someone then I’LL need a lawyer, but since I’m a poor student, I won’t be able to get one. Then life is over.

All because of my thumb.

Thus, in closing, I do not like my thumb.

(I’d like to tell you how long it’s been since I’ve slept properly, but from the above I don’t think it will be that hard to figure out…)

Le sigh…and I need a glass of milk for these cookies…

I don’t know how to do a fancy poll on here…or more like I can’t be bothered right now to try. But here’s the situation:

It’s exam time (*GASP*) so there’s always the mad scamble for notes, past exams, answers to all the work you did over the semester but had no idea if you did correctly and anything with sugar in it (I’m trying to break the spell that this box of super-yum chocolate chip cookies has over me. I’m weak. And I just got chocolate on my keyboard…).

But what do you do when certain people repeatedly ask you for notes when you know they haven’t put in work themselves. They’ve partied over the weekdays and weekends that you’ve spent in the library and somehow slid through the weeks that lead up to exams. They’ve sat across from you in tutorials, during which you suppose they’d be typing just as madly as you to get all the answers to that week’s questions down, yet are now asking you for your complete set of notes to those questions because (I quote), “they’re just sort of hit and miss, I didn’t know what was going on”.

You know from experience that notes get passed around more quickly and easily than…oh jeez I don’t know, I’m too tired to be witty – but they get passed around even after someone has said “please don’t pass them around”.

But I HATE not being able to help someone when they’ve asked for it. Like to the extent that I’ve gotten myself into trouble and put my own interests aside just to be able to help. I’m not saying that to get a pat on the back – it’s a curse as it is anything else. It comes down to the fact that I just don’t know how to say “no”. More than wanting to keep the person as a ‘friend’ – which I don’t really care to much about – it’s more that I feel bad for them and don’t want them to be stuck and lost.

What would you do?

p.s.  can coffee be a substitute for vegetables because it’s a bean? I’m thinking of skipping actual meals for the next couple weeks…

p.p.s. I’M MOVING TO THE BEACH NEXT SEMESTER!!! Will post pics 😀

Essay due in 3 hours and I’m not done…

I will not procrastinate and finish work at the last minute no matter how much of a clutch player I can be.

I will not procrastinate and finish work at the last minute no matter how much of a clutch player I can be.

I will not procrastinate and finish work at the last minute no matter how much of a clutch player I can be.

I will not procrastinate and finish work at the last minute no matter how much of a clutch player I can be.

I will not procrastinate and finish work at the last minute no matter how much of a clutch player I can be.

I will not procrastinate and finish work at the last minute no matter how much of a clutch player I can be.

I will not procrastinate and finish work at the last minute no matter how much of a clutch player I can be.

I will not procrastinate and finish wor…

meh, I’ll get back to this…