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Hello? Is this on?

Blogging. I did that? Seems like another era, another life. But here it all is and I’m reading past posts, cringing (that writing, yeesh), and I suddenly had the urge to compose something again. To let my thoughts take over the typing and away. But do people still blog? It seems to be all “lifestyle” and technology-related blogs, if anything, now. Everyone else is a YouTube star in the making. But I’ve been up to some things in the past 7 years-ish (seriously?!). So, hi. How have you been?



The Hiatus

Dearest blog,

I’m sorry for the neglect. But I have thought about you a lot. How much fun we had. The way we were.

But it’s been nearly 3 years..!? 1057 days.

Wow. I thought I was bad before with delays in posting.

I’m alive and well. Life created an unexpected ball of momentum when I returned to Canada after finishing law school. And well, I forgot about you, Blog, but did come back to you now and then to go over old times. But never with enough inspiration to write. I used to love to write. And now, I just want the subway to not not delay on my way home. Sadness, is it not? I might come back, Blog, but if I don’t, I’ll cherish the good and bad and continue to visit.

I doubt there is anyone out there who still drops by this blog, but I can be found here on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/halfcuppachai





(yes, waiting for marks…but that doesn’t count)

Leaving Australia in about 5 days…how quickly it all ends.

21 Days…

…and I’m free.

Right now I’m suffocating with the exams and papers that are all being flung at me. Their last chance to torture teach and they are taking full advantage of it.

Besides treading water here I’ve totally caught up with LOST. And if you don’t watch Lost…then I wonder WHY, but at the same time I think it’s better off that you save your sanity.  Every time I’ve watched an episode this seasons I’ve cursed more than I have in the span of a year. It’s just too crazy.

Have you ever come to a point where you feel lost without a certain item? Like when you were a kid and dragged around a frayed and over-washed blanket everywhere you went?

My laptop is now my security blanket. I am lost and confused and achy without it. This is sad. I left it at a friend’s house before we went out to eat one night, then ended up going to someone else’s house to go over some notes. I was without my laptop for about 4 hours and it left me absolutely panicky . What if I needed search through my notes? Or listen to a song? Or look at some pictures?? WHAT IF I NEEDED TO GOOGLE SOMETHING!?!

I’ve also concluded that I attract all the wrong people. All of them. The crazies, the weirdos, the brainless, the noisy and the ones who I like but can’t marry.  If I’ve left out some category, then it’ll probably be at my doorstep soon enough.

Happy New Year and all that jazz…

I’ve been MIA for awhile not because of busy-ness, but just lack of motivation to write anything (alternatively, read: lazy). Hopefully I’m like that one person people tend to know who they don’t hear from for months and when they appear out of nowhere and you talk to them (or read their blog…) it’s like no time has passed.  Either that, or people have given up on my blog and me.

I spent about 5 days in California (not warm and sunny despite the deceiving palm trees would suggest) and got some much needed chilling time with my favourite cousins who I miss terribly. I’ve been back home in Toronto for a about a week and half now. Either it’s gotten colder here or I’ve turned into a weakling who can’t stand the cold. But I’m cold. All the time. WTF?

I guess end of the year is when you reflect on the days that have fleeted by in a blur and then make your resolutions for the upcoming year. Which I think most people forget by the time they crawl home from their New Year’s Eve parties.  But intention counts for something, right?

But my resolutions for 2009 are:

  • finish law school (APRIL 27TH!)
  • update my blog more (despite how mundane life can be)
  • keep closet organized for more than a week
  • drink more water
  • catch up with old friends (other than a yearly Facebook message)

(I stole the last two from Ruby – what else are friends for than to have you leech of their good ideas?)

I’m off to ring in the new year with some old frineds and new (as the   song goes…Auld Lang Syne).

Wishing you all a very happy new year with much happiness, good health and love for 2009.

Make it a good one.

The Food Chain

While on the phone with my almost 10-year old sister…

Sister: We’re learning about the food chain! Can you help me with my homework?

Me: Sure

Sister: Ok, I’ve already done some of it, but what kinds of animals eat mice?

Me: A CAT! (I am so good at this…screw law school)

Sister: No seriously!

Me: I am serious! You know, like in Tom and Jerry, Tom the cat was always trying to catch Jerry the mouse to eat him.

Sister: Huh? What’s Tom and Jerry?

Me: The cartoon!

Sister: ….

Me: Good God I’m old…


Warning on my sushi take-out menu:

“Warning – some of our sushi may have come into contact with seafood…”


Mandatory Birthday Post…and other randomness

Birthday/B-Day/Cake Day/*siiiiiiiiigh*

So it’s my 26th birthday today…like now…it’s about 12am here (thank you to all who wished me before :D). And I’m not keeling over from the shock. I’m mature. Calm. Sensible. I accept aging as a landmark to show how learned I am about the world.

That, plus I have no other damn choice. Let’s stick with what I said above.

My parents and sister sent me a birthday card in the mail – very sweet. And tomorrow’s plan is to ditch all things school related, go shopping, go to the beach, dinner with friends. And…possibly skydiving next week? :O


Apparently I’m “Cadet Blue”

you are cadetblue

Your dominant hues are green and blue. You’re smart and you know it, and want to use your power to help people and relate to others. Even though you tend to battle with yourself, you solve other people’s conflicts well.Your saturation level is lower than average – You don’t stress out over things and don’t understand people who do. Finishing projects may sometimes be a challenge, but you schedule time as you see fit and the important things all happen in the end, even if not everyone sees your grand master plan.

Your outlook on life can be bright or dark, depending on the situation. You are flexible and see things objectively.

the spacefem.com html color quiz

Hmm…fairly true…? Try it out and share your colour! Maybe we’re colour compatible 😀


The Aussies don’t really celebrate Halloween the way the North American’s do. For some it’s bewilderment as to why the grocery store has a small bin of plastic jack-o-lanterns decorations, for others it’s a chance to do it up like the Americans and have a costume party.



All I want to know is – where is my fun-sized candy!?!?! There is no ‘fun’ in a regular sized Snickers! I want my bite-sized-guilt-free indulgence! The entire point of Halloween is the candy – forget the costumes. Somehow I’ve come to assume that there is an acquired right that come October 31st I can could walk up to all the doors of my neighbourhood and get candy and then feel free to judge them based on the candy they gave out. Obviously, I can’t get away with now at 26 (*choke*) so I believe that right should be to have the ability to purchase fun-sized candy whenever I please. But alas, that right is restricted to Canada/USA (do they do Halloween in Mexico…?).

I ought to persuade my brother to buy some packages of candy for me for when I get back home in December, but maybe we could just take some from my sister’s stash…(yes, that would be taking candy from a baby, but she’s 9, she shouldn’t have so much sugar. I’m doing it for her sake….that’s what I told my brother when he was little and look how great he turned out.)

This would make 6 posts in about 3 weeks…which would make up for disappearing in September…can’t believe this blog has been going for 4 years now.


  • This is a random sentence to give me time to think of something else to say…
  • I have to say…of all the wonderful little things, one of my favourite has to be opening up iTunes and choosing ‘Shuffle’ and having your absolute favourite song (or one you’ve been wanting to listen to or that just fits your mood at that time) be the first track it plays…like what just happened now 🙂
  • I currently started reading the book Shantaram – if you’ve read, let me know whether it’s worth the read because at 933 pages I don’t know if I have the stamina to hold out with a book that size that ends up being pointless. On the other hand, please point me to some good reads you’ve had lately.
  • another insert sentence…
  • Am I the only who hasn’t watched Grease??? My friend nearly yelled at me the other day for not having seen it. Have I really been that deprived..?
  • Alright, it’s almost 12am so I’ll end this here…so far my birthday is being rung in sans-cockroach, unlike last year