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Maybe I should re-watch the ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ movie…?

Maybe it’s a self-defence mechanism. Maybe it’s just logical reasoning. Maybe…probably…it’s just a string of weak excuses.


“I’ just handed in my last law essay ever!  Treating myself to fabulous dinner, totally justified”

“I just aced my mid-term moot court – new shirt is needed for all future real court stuff!”

“Look I cleaned my room 3 days before I said I would, this scarf brings out my eyes”

“I just had my last law lecture ever!  3 tops for one price? Sounds like a great deal!”

“I need to protect my eyes…so much reading to do in the future; do those sunglasses come in a black frame?”

“I’m spending 2 weeks in California after I leave Australia – I need to buy others gifts, and sure, pick up something for myself to wear while there”


“OH HOLY %#!@(* – that is NOT my bank statement…!?! I’m a broke, job-less law graduate who’s moving back home in 2 weeks – WHERE THE HELL ARE THE RECEIPTS FOR ALL THIS STUFF!?”

Lesson learned:

eBay is my friend. Well…not the “Buy” listings, the “Sell” ones.


Once I sell…I can use that money for other stuff so I’m not losing using more money, just the money I’ve already…not…had.


(Don’t worry, I’ve checked  “book therapist appointment” off my To Do list already – it’s after my Shopaholics Anonymous meeting)


Fun in the Sun

So my blog updates are as rare as…I don’t know, they’re rare. Last semester of law school people, I’m lucky I’m able still able to make coherent sentences when I talk to people, let alone write them all smart-like.

As it is my last semester here in Australia, I figured that now is the time to live it up, or as close to that concept as possible. I just moved to an amazingly amazing beachfront apartment with….wait for it… VDG (no it’s not a disease, see here and/or here for references). Shocked? So was I. But she’s grown on me…sort of like moss, slow and slightly irritating, but harmless and adds colour. The new place is right near the centre of a busy tourist area as well so there are plenty of shops and restaurants to wander around (and spend money I don’t reeeallly have, in).

I’ve been here 2 weeks and I heart it ever so much.  To the point that the idea of staying another semester to do a LLM creeped into my head.  But then I opened up my MSN Messenger and read an offline message my 10-year old sister left for me which ended off with “I love you soooo much more than you’ll ever know. 3 months is just too long to see you!“. And then my heart crumbled…then and melted at the same time, odd. Either way, I snapped back to reality and rechecked my confirmed ticket home for May 1, 2009 (ironical as that was the exact day that I landed here in Australia – didn’t plan it that way though).

Living with a roommate is a first though, and I thought I did everything I could have to make sure I was being good. I clean up everything right away, don’t make noise, give her space when she’s on the phone. But apparently I’ve managed to do something within a week that has ticked off VDG a little. And when asked, she won’t tell me –

Me: you’ve been kinda quiet last couple days, is it something I’ve done?

VDG: I don’t want to hurt our friendship over little things.

Me: But if it’s bothering you, I’d like to know so I don’t do it anymore, I mean we’re living there for the next 3 months.

VDG: I don’t want to change you just because we’re living together for 3 months. It’s something you should realize it on your own.


I know, I know.

But, seriously though, WTF?

I’ve racked my brains for hours trying to figure it out, but aside from breathing in the same airspace, I have no idea. Any suggestion welcome.

Aside from that, what’s new? Hmm…I went home for the holidays. It was a good trip overall (much colder than ever). Met with friends, had the usual spat with mom (“You’re not married.” “why aren’t you married”  “you should join a gym for the month you’re here”  “are you married yet?”) but being the last ‘trip’ home I realized there’s no more escape from that.  *sigh* what to do?

New Year’s resolution to post-more-frequently-to-blog is in effect (as you can see)! As is the water thing. And don’t write me off as a person who should be on your block list, but I’ve grow a strange affinity to Japanese red bean buns.

Oooh which brings to mind – I’m thinking, like really thinking about going to Japan in May before I go home O_O. Crazy? Seeing as I how I’m financially…stiff… it’s still in the daydream stage of planning. But it’s a trip I’ve wanted to do for a long time (i.e. prior to the red bean bun fascination…but seriously, they’re good). Only thing is I don’t want to do it alone, although I know I could. So what to do there?

Sorry for being a terrible blogger friend…I sporadically read updates, but new internet at new apartment is irritating so I’ve had to became a pauper at saving bandwith wherever I can so I can use Vonage to call home.

I’ll post pics of the new place soon, but here’s one to start off…the view from my balcony:


Happy New Year and all that jazz…

I’ve been MIA for awhile not because of busy-ness, but just lack of motivation to write anything (alternatively, read: lazy). Hopefully I’m like that one person people tend to know who they don’t hear from for months and when they appear out of nowhere and you talk to them (or read their blog…) it’s like no time has passed.  Either that, or people have given up on my blog and me.

I spent about 5 days in California (not warm and sunny despite the deceiving palm trees would suggest) and got some much needed chilling time with my favourite cousins who I miss terribly. I’ve been back home in Toronto for a about a week and half now. Either it’s gotten colder here or I’ve turned into a weakling who can’t stand the cold. But I’m cold. All the time. WTF?

I guess end of the year is when you reflect on the days that have fleeted by in a blur and then make your resolutions for the upcoming year. Which I think most people forget by the time they crawl home from their New Year’s Eve parties.  But intention counts for something, right?

But my resolutions for 2009 are:

  • finish law school (APRIL 27TH!)
  • update my blog more (despite how mundane life can be)
  • keep closet organized for more than a week
  • drink more water
  • catch up with old friends (other than a yearly Facebook message)

(I stole the last two from Ruby – what else are friends for than to have you leech of their good ideas?)

I’m off to ring in the new year with some old frineds and new (as the   song goes…Auld Lang Syne).

Wishing you all a very happy new year with much happiness, good health and love for 2009.

Make it a good one.

I’m in love…

Yes, it’s true friends. I’ve found the love of my life. It was love at first sight. I know, me…love at first sight, who would have thought? But I guess when fate comes knocking, there’s nothing you can do…but, um, answer the door?

What’s that? You’d like to meet the love of my life? Let me introduce you…

But alas, it seems that we may never be united. I’m but a mere, penniless student who cannot match that high-class world. It’s a sad love tale…but if my love truly does remain unrequited, it seems I also have an admirer that I am also quite fond of, so who knows whether that could bloom into a love of it’s own?


(feel free to leave any monetary support for my quest for love…)