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(yes, waiting for marks…but that doesn’t count)

Leaving Australia in about 5 days…how quickly it all ends.


Maybe I should re-watch the ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ movie…?

Maybe it’s a self-defence mechanism. Maybe it’s just logical reasoning. Maybe…probably…it’s just a string of weak excuses.


“I’ just handed in my last law essay ever!  Treating myself to fabulous dinner, totally justified”

“I just aced my mid-term moot court – new shirt is needed for all future real court stuff!”

“Look I cleaned my room 3 days before I said I would, this scarf brings out my eyes”

“I just had my last law lecture ever!  3 tops for one price? Sounds like a great deal!”

“I need to protect my eyes…so much reading to do in the future; do those sunglasses come in a black frame?”

“I’m spending 2 weeks in California after I leave Australia – I need to buy others gifts, and sure, pick up something for myself to wear while there”


“OH HOLY %#!@(* – that is NOT my bank statement…!?! I’m a broke, job-less law graduate who’s moving back home in 2 weeks – WHERE THE HELL ARE THE RECEIPTS FOR ALL THIS STUFF!?”

Lesson learned:

eBay is my friend. Well…not the “Buy” listings, the “Sell” ones.


Once I sell…I can use that money for other stuff so I’m not losing using more money, just the money I’ve already…not…had.


(Don’t worry, I’ve checked  “book therapist appointment” off my To Do list already – it’s after my Shopaholics Anonymous meeting)

Worries as of Tues, Feb 24th.

Being brown, I’m not spared from the idea that I ought to root for “Slumdog Millionaire” to win at the Oscars.  But, it’s just one of those movies you can’t help but love. It’s the underdog – no glitzy promos, no over-paid or unnecessarily famous actors (Anil Kapoor doesn’t count – the man’s a legend, ha) and it’s just outside the run of the mill rags-to-riches type of story. Who doesn’t love the underdog? People who like to kick puppies, that’s who.  So, I loved it the movie as did pretty much everyone else I’ve talked to about it. But above all, I’ve grown an indecent love for the soundtrack. You have to. Really. I mean AR Rahman being a favourite composer of mine or not, every track is perfect.

And that’s that. They picked up 8 Oscars (Best Picture, Director, Soundtrack, Original Song…I lost track after that).


What’s your opinion on protests? Do they work? What’s the point? I remember in my first year of university there was going to be a protest…about something (can you sense my deep involvement?) and I was being harassed by an overzealous classmate that I had to attend. I mean, did I support the evil puppy-kickers of the world (that analogy is stuck with me now, deal with it)? Of course I didn’t! So, thus, verily, in conclusion, I must attend the protest.

Dude, it was November. In Canada. It is cold. And possibly I was a little more pessimistic than I needed to be at that age and time, but I just didn’t see the point. A group of people with signs wasn’t going change anything. John Mayer said it – “Is there anyone who remembers changing their mind from the paint on a sign?”.   Governments would continue to do what they want, where they want. It wouldn’t stop a war no matter how pointless, it wouldn’t decrease tuition fees or freeze it forever  nor would it stop people from wearing Crocs.

Or would it? Maybe a protest is more an outlet for people. A way to show what they believe in regardless of how the outcome will be. Sure, it may not give the outcome that you want, but I guess that chance to show your beliefs and passions doesn’t come around often. Yep, protests and and free ice cream day at Baskin Robbins – only places where you can show how radical a believer you are.


I would like to show more pictures of my place and the surrounding area, but my butterfingers dropped my camera a couple months ago while taking pictures and now it makes a heartbreaking noise while struggling to turn on, but I haven’t had the time to get it fixed. I’m worried I’ll have to live off of bread crumbs for a month in order to buy a new one if it can’t get fixed.


Other worries…

My 9 10-year old sister asked me what an “emo” is.  Her friend Jessica tells her that “it’s someone who cuts their wrists and pops their veins just because they want to, but they don’t die”.

I thought I had at least a couple more years before I’d have to deal with questions like this. Shouldn’t she still be playing with Barbies and dreaming of rainbows and cookies!?!

Somehow I explained what it was and she believed me…I think.

Screw it, she’s being homeschooled once I get home.


It’s “week 6” in our term. Meaning 6 more weeks until end of classes + 2 week exam period. OMG.


I’m strangley addicted to the Twilight series of books. No, I didn’t turn into a junior high student overnight and really the writing isn’t that amazing and the story gets predictable – so why have I spent all this money on 3 books so far…!? Because the guy at the bookstore around the corner is really cute…but now thinks I have the literary sense of a 2-year old. Damn.

Mandatory Birthday Post…and other randomness

Birthday/B-Day/Cake Day/*siiiiiiiiigh*

So it’s my 26th birthday today…like now…it’s about 12am here (thank you to all who wished me before :D). And I’m not keeling over from the shock. I’m mature. Calm. Sensible. I accept aging as a landmark to show how learned I am about the world.

That, plus I have no other damn choice. Let’s stick with what I said above.

My parents and sister sent me a birthday card in the mail – very sweet. And tomorrow’s plan is to ditch all things school related, go shopping, go to the beach, dinner with friends. And…possibly skydiving next week? :O


Apparently I’m “Cadet Blue”

you are cadetblue

Your dominant hues are green and blue. You’re smart and you know it, and want to use your power to help people and relate to others. Even though you tend to battle with yourself, you solve other people’s conflicts well.Your saturation level is lower than average – You don’t stress out over things and don’t understand people who do. Finishing projects may sometimes be a challenge, but you schedule time as you see fit and the important things all happen in the end, even if not everyone sees your grand master plan.

Your outlook on life can be bright or dark, depending on the situation. You are flexible and see things objectively.

the spacefem.com html color quiz

Hmm…fairly true…? Try it out and share your colour! Maybe we’re colour compatible 😀


The Aussies don’t really celebrate Halloween the way the North American’s do. For some it’s bewilderment as to why the grocery store has a small bin of plastic jack-o-lanterns decorations, for others it’s a chance to do it up like the Americans and have a costume party.



All I want to know is – where is my fun-sized candy!?!?! There is no ‘fun’ in a regular sized Snickers! I want my bite-sized-guilt-free indulgence! The entire point of Halloween is the candy – forget the costumes. Somehow I’ve come to assume that there is an acquired right that come October 31st I can could walk up to all the doors of my neighbourhood and get candy and then feel free to judge them based on the candy they gave out. Obviously, I can’t get away with now at 26 (*choke*) so I believe that right should be to have the ability to purchase fun-sized candy whenever I please. But alas, that right is restricted to Canada/USA (do they do Halloween in Mexico…?).

I ought to persuade my brother to buy some packages of candy for me for when I get back home in December, but maybe we could just take some from my sister’s stash…(yes, that would be taking candy from a baby, but she’s 9, she shouldn’t have so much sugar. I’m doing it for her sake….that’s what I told my brother when he was little and look how great he turned out.)

This would make 6 posts in about 3 weeks…which would make up for disappearing in September…can’t believe this blog has been going for 4 years now.


  • This is a random sentence to give me time to think of something else to say…
  • I have to say…of all the wonderful little things, one of my favourite has to be opening up iTunes and choosing ‘Shuffle’ and having your absolute favourite song (or one you’ve been wanting to listen to or that just fits your mood at that time) be the first track it plays…like what just happened now 🙂
  • I currently started reading the book Shantaram – if you’ve read, let me know whether it’s worth the read because at 933 pages I don’t know if I have the stamina to hold out with a book that size that ends up being pointless. On the other hand, please point me to some good reads you’ve had lately.
  • another insert sentence…
  • Am I the only who hasn’t watched Grease??? My friend nearly yelled at me the other day for not having seen it. Have I really been that deprived..?
  • Alright, it’s almost 12am so I’ll end this here…so far my birthday is being rung in sans-cockroach, unlike last year

Being neighbourly…

Edit: It just suddenly came to me who I remind myself of (once you read below you’ll understand): Ted the lawyer from ‘Scrubs’! The non-confrontational-clumsy-nervous-terrified-unknowledgable-yet-somehow-adorable character. Note, I said ‘yet somehow adorable’ 😀

My neighbour sings. Loudly. And not well.

But this has been going on since the beginning of the semester (about 6 weeks) and I’ve yet to say anything. Instead I put my headphones on and drown her out. Why? Because I hate confrontation like Obama/McCain hate the question “how will you fix the economy?” – there is just no way to do it properly and it will likely be too much trouble than you expect.

How exactly does one politely knock on a stranger’s door and say “excuse me, but your singing is causing the paint on my walls to peel. I thought you were torturing a cat, but looks like you have no pet. Would you kindly consider soundproofing your apartment?

Not only that, but this girls voice in general is loud. She’s a study abroad student from the US and so far I’ve learned that she’s had problems using her credit card here, her mom’s driver’s license expired and she won’t renew it, she hasn’t been with that many guys, she used a Jordache backpack in jr. high, and that she has a fondness for old R&B songs.

I’ve learned this but have yet to learn anything from the 120 page case I’m reading in order to write my 40% paper due 1.5 days from now.

On the positive side, I’ve finally managed to sort out my iTunes just so I could create a playlist called “Songs to Drown out the Cat-Torturer/Neighbour”.

I should be listening to the lecturer…

So last night I had a dream that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, along with their pack of kids, came over to my cousin’s house while I was over just to hang out. Now, my cousins aren’t famous themselves, nor do they (as far as I know) have any affiliation with even semi-famous celebrities. I’d be in shock if they even knew a local news anchor.  So why all of a sudden I dream about (arguably) the biggest celebrity couple in the world suddenly coming over to hang out with their kids, I don’t know. If anyone would like to do a dream analysis, please go right ahead.

But, the kids were cute and fun.

And I think I read too much from People.com.

And this is probably the most blog-worthy thing that’s happened in a reallyreallyreally long time – hence the lack of updates. I mean, really, how many times can a person write about going to school and coming home let along read about it.

Other things…let’s see. I’d been talking to this guy for a little while. He had a great sense of humour and was smart and all the other good things (I know – you’re waiting for the ‘BUT’). BUT, suddenly it came out that he’s an athiest…

Of course, my luck the way it is, I had started liking him a bit. And right now I’m at the point where I haven’t talked to him for a few days after this revelation because I had a big exam yesterday that I needed to relearn about 5 weeks worth of material for.  At the time I didn’t have a real reaction. I was curious – how or why does a person stop believing in God? And so I listened to his explanation and understood how he came to his decision. But now I have th awful task of trying to end it with this person when I’m totally chicken when it comes to this stuff.  Can I not just say that I’ve been kidnapped by a kangaroo?

On a positive note, I’m nearly in the middle of this current semester meaning one more to go after this one is over. Meaning I’ll be done law school. Forever. This is where you gasp and go “YAYYYYYYYYY” really loud in support of me 😀

I can see the light, people!

Maybe Brangelina needs legal advice…?

Say What!? #1

I’m adding a new category of posts. I usually don’t do the category thing because I just plain forget to, but I’m going to introduce the “Say What!?” series of posts. Those things that irritate, confuse and befuddle me will be featured here as often as they do in fact irritate, confuse and/or befuddle me.

Say What!? #1: Black Licorice & Allsorts

After talking to Ruby about my jelly bean threat, I got to thinking about other candy that I could potentially throw at would-be suitors of friends who get me angry.

Can anyone actually admit to having consumed, voluntarily, one of these?:

Licorise allsorts

Or these:

Black licorice

I’ve always wondered why these “candies” have remained in the candy shops and grocery stores over eons, because from the looks of them, they’d outlive cockroaches after everything else in the world has vanished. I’ve never actually caught anyone buying them or even snacking on them as a cheat on their diet – it’s just not that type of “candy”. But somehow I’ve seen them in candy bowls and Halloween candy brought home by eager munchkins (I get it – it’s the “trick” part of the “trick or treat” where you think it’s a treat – right?).

The allsorts (the first picture) look intriguing and I’ve been curious about them as a kid, but to know that they are part of the black licorice family just makes me want to offer a better use for them than to actually be eaten, consider:

  • sticking them to the bottom of wobbly tables and chairs to stabilize them
  • Replacing styrofoam peanuts in packages (styrofoam is not good for the environment, afterall).
  • placing around shrubs and trees in a garden, in place of wood chips or rocks
  • Threatening your kids that if they don’t eat their vegetables, then their next meal will consist entirely of these

All solutions to make sure that the world’s black licorice resources are used up and to maintain a sound economy. If I’ve offended any licorice connoisseurs, my deepest apologies and pity for your taste.