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Welcome. After a 3 year committed relationship with Blogger I’ve finally moved to WordPress and things are looking good so far. My blog isn’t about any one thing in particular but many particulars. Aside from that, I’m currently a law student studying in beautiful Australia until about April 2009, so you’ll see the odd Aussie reference here and there. I was born and raised in Canada (for the most part) by parents who were born and raised in India. Interesting mix, making for interesting times, but always good food.


9 Responses

  1. Nice Blog Mashallaah

  2. Bro Yusuf – thank you!

    Bibomedia – 😀

  3. Hullo bub! First i wanna say what an awesome blog you have B-) (though i’m sure i’ve mentioned that before somewhere…). And second, i’m having problems reading some of your past postings (like this one: https://halfacupofchai.wordpress.com/2007/07/15/#comments) cos they don’t have any titles and i don’t know where to click to read the whole thing. Can you help??
    PS: It would be greatly appreciated if you assured me that the computer is indeed a lamehead and i am NOT a technomoron. Cheers! 😀

  4. Ayah – thanks for the comment 🙂 I was using Blogger before and when I moved all the posts to WordPress it didn’t allow comments to be shown because I hadn’t check off “allow comments” for each individual post. So since I’d have to go through each post and check it off I figured it didn’t make sense since I didn’t think anyone would read it lol. But I’ve added a title and fixed it: https://halfacupofchai.wordpress.com/2007/07/15/being-left-behind/

    Thanks for letting me know!

  5. interesting blog…… 🙂

  6. Excellent blog.

    Is there a thing going about where all the interesting bloggers are taking long hiatuses?

    Get posting again soon, please.

    I need my half cup of chai a day.

    the off-on-whenever-i-have-internet-i’m-here-blurker.

  7. pinksocks – Thanks!

    Specs – I’ve returned! But before the trumpets are removed from their cases and shined, I don’t know if it’ll be a steady stream of updates since I really have nothing other than school on my mind most of the time and there’s only so many times that I can whine about it before I’m outcast from blogrolls. But thank you so very much for reading – I saw your comment and it was really the motivation for my (most recent) comeback. I’ll catch up on your blog soon 🙂

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