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The Hiatus

Dearest blog,

I’m sorry for the neglect. But I have thought about you a lot. How much fun we had. The way we were.

But it’s been nearly 3 years..!? 1057 days.

Wow. I thought I was bad before with delays in posting.

I’m alive and well. Life created an unexpected ball of momentum when I returned to Canada after finishing law school. And well, I forgot about you, Blog, but did come back to you now and then to go over old times. But never with enough inspiration to write. I used to love to write. And now, I just want the subway to not not delay on my way home. Sadness, is it not? I might come back, Blog, but if I don’t, I’ll cherish the good and bad and continue to visit.

I doubt there is anyone out there who still drops by this blog, but I can be found here on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/halfcuppachai