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Maybe I should re-watch the ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ movie…?

Maybe it’s a self-defence mechanism. Maybe it’s just logical reasoning. Maybe…probably…it’s just a string of weak excuses.


“I’ just handed in my last law essay ever!  Treating myself to fabulous dinner, totally justified”

“I just aced my mid-term moot court – new shirt is needed for all future real court stuff!”

“Look I cleaned my room 3 days before I said I would, this scarf brings out my eyes”

“I just had my last law lecture ever!  3 tops for one price? Sounds like a great deal!”

“I need to protect my eyes…so much reading to do in the future; do those sunglasses come in a black frame?”

“I’m spending 2 weeks in California after I leave Australia – I need to buy others gifts, and sure, pick up something for myself to wear while there”


“OH HOLY %#!@(* – that is NOT my bank statement…!?! I’m a broke, job-less law graduate who’s moving back home in 2 weeks – WHERE THE HELL ARE THE RECEIPTS FOR ALL THIS STUFF!?”

Lesson learned:

eBay is my friend. Well…not the “Buy” listings, the “Sell” ones.


Once I sell…I can use that money for other stuff so I’m not losing using more money, just the money I’ve already…not…had.


(Don’t worry, I’ve checked  “book therapist appointment” off my To Do list already – it’s after my Shopaholics Anonymous meeting)


2 Responses

  1. I feel ya. I’m a broke unemployed MBA student and all I can think of is planning a vacation and going somewhere 😛

  2. The best part of this post? That you will be home in two weeks! And you do have to wear something fab in Cali and get gifts for everyone! And scarves are awesome on you!

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