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21 Days…

…and I’m free.

Right now I’m suffocating with the exams and papers that are all being flung at me. Their last chance to torture teach and they are taking full advantage of it.

Besides treading water here I’ve totally caught up with LOST. And if you don’t watch Lost…then I wonder WHY, but at the same time I think it’s better off that you save your sanity.  Every time I’ve watched an episode this seasons I’ve cursed more than I have in the span of a year. It’s just too crazy.

Have you ever come to a point where you feel lost without a certain item? Like when you were a kid and dragged around a frayed and over-washed blanket everywhere you went?

My laptop is now my security blanket. I am lost and confused and achy without it. This is sad. I left it at a friend’s house before we went out to eat one night, then ended up going to someone else’s house to go over some notes. I was without my laptop for about 4 hours and it left me absolutely panicky . What if I needed search through my notes? Or listen to a song? Or look at some pictures?? WHAT IF I NEEDED TO GOOGLE SOMETHING!?!

I’ve also concluded that I attract all the wrong people. All of them. The crazies, the weirdos, the brainless, the noisy and the ones who I like but can’t marry.  If I’ve left out some category, then it’ll probably be at my doorstep soon enough.


7 Responses

  1. I don’t like being disconnected either! Its…..just all my stuff is there! I can’t wait till I can a real smart phone either. It’d just be so convenient.

    And yes! Freedom! I’m 22 days away myself 🙂

  2. LOST rocks. Its getting a bit strange now, as they mess with time but still is good.

    As for a smartphone, go with a blackberry. Stay away from Windows Mobile. Or get an Ipod Touch, its a much better UI and browsing experience.

  3. Umm, you attracted me to you. What are you trying to say?

  4. GeekiSiddiqui – I dont think I’d be good with a smartphone; I’m already bad at keeping track of my not-so-smartphone… Yay you’re almost done!

    Amir – YES IT DOES. Am I the only one who thinks Christian is Jacob? I think if I do get a smartphone it’ll be a BB.

    BanikaB – I quote “The crazies, the weirdos, the brainless, the noisy and the ones who I like but can’t marry.”

  5. Who says we can’t marry? Just say the word….:P

  6. Wow, how time flies.

    I am so happy you are nearly there. You are incredible babe!

    And yes I feel exactly the same way as you, about weirdoes and oddities finding their way to you. Usually nice people do that, attract strangeness because they feel comfortable with you. It’s actually flattering, don’t take it as an insult.

    Trust me, when you meet the real man, you’ll know!

    Loads of love!


  7. No! I think Christian is Jacob too! But again, that would be weird since Christian is Jack and whatsherface’s father. But the last episode was quite interesting….have to watch the ending still though.

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